I can't start about pages to save my life.

Deep breath.

Okay. Here goes.

Well, maybe a list would be easy? Okay, here are 18 random things about me . . . and the blog too I guess:

1. I'm 18. Of course. Why else would there be 18 random facts about me. And no that previous sentence does not need a question mark at the end.
2. This is a “literary musings” blog. Everything from contemporary fiction, classics, movies, television, writing . . . but you might see the occasional rant here too.
3. I'm a Christian. Jesus saved me when I was twelve.
4. Fashion is one of my passions. One of my favorite pastimes is getting a blog post up with a beautiful outfit and beautiful photos to showcase it. If you're also interested in fashion (and, let's be real, most girls past the age of twelve are), my fashion blog is here: Dance A Real.
5. I'm not obsessed with books. Obsessions like that drive me nuts, because the people who have them seem to store their identity in their obsessions and most of the time only say they have obsessions because other people do. Peer pressure is a stupid and ugly thing.
6. I'm not a philosopher, but literature can teach people a lot. Everything from response to situation to what it feels like to have depression.
7. The classics are good for the brain. They are classic for a reason. Most of them aren't completely superficial or ridiculous even if they seem that way. Even comedies usually have some underlying lesson the author, playwright, or poet was passionate about.
8. I am a writer. Yes, I write books. No, hopefully not as an aimless pastime or fangirl who wants to be published someday but can't imagine it because it's too wonderful to be true. My goal is to get my book ready for the publishing market next year.
9. I won't disclose a lot of details about the aforementioned book here for security reasons. I used to be much more free with my book and my ideas, but unfortunately plagiarism and idea theft is a very real thing. It would break my heart if someone tried to steal any part of my characters or plot away from me.
10. My GoodReads reading goal for this year is 29 books. I'm not a fast reader, but who cares? It's better to be slow and drink in everything and remember it afterwards to blitz through books with no benefit. I used be insecure about my slow reading because there has been a blog reader before who puffed him/herself up because he/she was able to read five hundred books in a year. 
11. On that note, rudeness and manipulation in the comments on this blog WILL NOT be tolerated. If you want to make someone feel bad, go say those things to yourself in a mirror. You won't feel better. You know why? Because the things you're saying are mean. Light-bulb.
12. C.S. Lewis was one of the most intelligent men ever. He had a beautiful mind and a beautiful soul. Why do you think I quoted him in my blog header? ;)
13. Just because I don't always use emojis doesn't mean I'm a grouch. I feel like that's self-explanatory, but I used to use emoticons basically after every sentence if I answered a blog comment. It doesn't look professional, guys. If you can come across as both professional and personal in a blog, you will have learned a wonderful thing and you will probably have grown your blog in the favor of your followers far beyond your knowledge.
14. My fave TV shows are Sherlock and Merlin. Both BBC. That is no coincidence, trust me.
15. My best-loved American TV series is Once Upon a Time. Not my favorite, because it hasn't always been my favorite. Favorite does not equal best-loved in Hannah's Collegiate Dictionary.
16. Knowledge does not equal wisdom and intelligence does not equal knowledge.
17. If I were to be a goddess, I would choose Athena. 
18. Last night (10 March 2015) I did my first live-tweet experience on Twitter on Once Upon a Time's midseason premiere. I also ended the night by ranting about knowledge, intelligence, fashion, and the goddess Athena . . . and lost two followers the next morning. That cracked me up slightly ;)

So . . . who are you, exactly? 

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