Monday, February 25, 2013

Perfectly Unique

by Annie F. Downs
   Emily and I started discipleship meetings back in September/October, and this is the book we've studied from then until now. Perfectly Unique: Praising God From Head to Foot by Annie F. Downs felt a little, well, immature at first, but as I got into it further, I really, really liked it.
   The age range is "teen nonfiction": well, it's female teen nonfiction. Like I said, you might cringe--with me it was usually her humor. The humor at times almost feels as if she was struggling to put it in there. Well, not struggling exactly, but you get the idea--trying too hard. And one of the things she said in one chapter bothered me. Paraphrased, it went something like this: "I wonder if there will be food in heaven." What happened to the Wedding Supper of the Lamb?
   There are twelve chapters in the entire book, each followed by a "Chew On This," which gives questions to ponder, Scripture readings, meanings to look up, and assignments for the next few days. From the second to the eleventh chapter, each focuses on a different part of the body--literally "from head to foot". The first chapter is titled "All of You"; the twelfth, "From Head to Foot." I like how she did this, telling us how we can love God and serve Him with every portion of us, from our minds to our mouths to our hands and feet (yes, even feet have a purpose!).
   I think I got more out of this study than I normally would have, probably because Emily held me more accountable than if I had been on my own. Convicting, an easy read, funny, cute, edifying . . . what more could there be? However, I wouldn't recommend this to an already-very-spiritually-mature young woman, as its subject might be too elementary for them. Twelve to sixteen or seventeen, and you should be good :)

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