Monday, March 4, 2013


Lauren Conrad Beauty    By Lauren Conrad by Lauren Conrad
   I already got to read Style by Lauren Conrad, which, while it was fairly informative, was slightly boring. Beauty follows the same lines.
   Basically, there are two main parts (Prep & Play) with twelve chapters which cover the following: Finding Your Beauty; Skin Care; Hair Care; Stress; Fitness & Food; Makeup Tips, Tricks, and Techniques; Everyday Makeup; Party Makeup; Everyday Hair; Party Hair; Nails; and Beauty Through the Decades. I'm going to take a few paragraphs to outline what I thought of the health and fitness, makeup, and nails sections.
   Firstly, I don't think she was very helpful in the health and fitness department. She outlines the way she eats but not what she eats, nor really how she exercises. On a better note, she does give sample exercises for traveling.
   The makeup category. . . . I use makeup very rarely and have only worn it in public three or four times (besides acting in plays, of course, and then I was loaded with it). I thought the section was good for applications if I wanted to use it. (Actually, it did really make me want to use it . . . but I don't really want to spend 15+ minutes in the morning applying makeup, and I don't want people to think I look horrid without it.) It also had an extremely helpful eyebrow-shaping subsection.
   The nails! It must have been the best part in there. It gives directions for nail care, basic manicures, French manicures, reverse French manicures, polka dots, flowers, and glitter nails. I loved it. I can't wait to try some of the patterns on my own nails :)
   Overall, Beauty is written simply and thus takes very little time to read, but it's not the type of book I would recommend reading cover-to-cover, unless you're obsessive like me and want to cross it off your reading list. I don't think this is necessarily a wise investment of your money, so if you want to read it, try it from your local library system first.

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