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I got this very in-depth character study from Sierra at Musings of an Inkheart. Once I begin work on my second draft, this character study is going to be a huge part of my preliminary work since, unfortunately, I didn't do much in the way of developing characters before starting my first draft--except Reuel, of course.

Name & Meaning: Eladriel (“spirited and beautiful”).

Occupation: Princess; hostess for her father’s house; studies

Places of Work: The House of Elishkin

Home: The House of Elishkin, the palace of her father the King, in the City of Elishkin.

Age: approx. 1,000 years

Physical Appearance
Head Shape: Ovular, but leaning more toward round on that spectrum. 
Hair (color, texture, style): Hair is a very dark brown with auburn and red, even some (though very few) golden highlights, which are especially evident in summer. Typically worn loose, pulled back only halfway if it is pulled back at all. May be worn up or more extravagantly for parties/balls. It is thick, but not too thick, and somewhat frizzy; silky over the top but more coarse at the very ends.

Eyes (color, shape, eyebrows): Eyes very dark brown, lashed darkly with fairly long lashes, somewhat almond shaped, normally sized. Eyebrows are black, abundant, and slightly arched.

Mouth (size, shape, color, teeth): Full lips, with bottom lip a little larger than upper lip. Shaped normally, with not very evident dip in the middle. Good, straight, pearly teeth.

Skin (color, texture): Dark skin that pales in winter and tans in summer; rosy complexion. 
Physical build: Fairly slender, with a strong, dense build. Tall—5’8”.

Posture: Typically a straight/hunched position—good but timid posture. Not confident. A little clumsy and always afraid of treading on someone.

While Sitting: Is usually on a normal chair, sitting properly, except when alone; then she folds her legs under her and takes her shoes off.

While Standing: Stands not as tall as she could.

While walking: Can be very quiet when she wishes. Swift at both the walk and run; is sure footed when alone but if men are around she’s likelier to be clumsier.

What you notice first: The fact that she’s not as beautiful as princesses should be, and her timid, sometimes almost bad-tempered, exterior.

Place of birth: Elishkin, capital city of Elcandeur.

Places lived: She has lived in Elishkin her whole life and has only made shorter trips to other cities and countries.

Her mother Elanna was from the city of Eblanc (which is not mentioned in the first draft), the Viceroy’s daughter. She was only 16 when she married the King and did not love him. She was timid like her daughter, brown-haired and looked much like Eladriel. She died in childbirth.

Her father, Awraith, was the King of Elcandeur and the First Lord. At about 3000 years of age, he has been alive for the whole of the world. He married three times prior to Elanna (he fathered the Elven race), reportedly only loved his first and fourth wives, had thirty-some sons, and tens of daughters.

Siblings Countless, unknown, and not treated as relatives; if her mother had borne other children, only they would have been counted as her relatives.

Childhood experiences: Running around barefoot, being watched by Eblanc’s Lady Troietta. She was carefree, but as she grew up she harbored a love for studying.

Education: Given the “girl” education by her governesses until age 12, at which point her father undertook her education, teaching her mathematics, sciences, literature, linguistics, riding, some basic fencing and shooting, weaponry, and some (not much) politics. Her “girl” occupations included the piano, the harp, singing, and needlework. Further tutoring was painting.

Special training: Not specially trained for anything except for the “girl” pastimes, which she would use to entertain or to recount great deeds by warriors (on tapestries).

Travel: She has traveled in all of the main Elvish isles (Elcandeur [Elegro], Shivier [Marul], Xanphai [main cities], Betides [main cities], and Elishkani [Vireaux and the countryside]).

Friends: Catryenne, a Lady from the City; Volum, the heir to the Empire of Losloria; Kelrhine, the healer; and Letty and Mareah, her personal slaves.

Greatest Success: Being able to manipulate Graece, the slavemaster, into being less cruel.

Characteristics: Timid, a follower, easily irritable, strong, dangerous when angry, fun-loving.

Markings (scar, etc.), physical or mental: Mentally, that she has the killer of her betrothed, the Emperor of Losloria, living in her palace.

Special skills or knowledge: The slave industry, and how to “polly-fox” Graece.

Collections and talents: She loves flowers but doesn’t really collect anything; she is very talented musically and artistically.

What people like about her: She is very polite, tries to be compassionate, and typically smiles a lot when more familiar to the person. 
Interests and favorites: She is interested in archery and fencing, though she never really learned how. She loves the kied (piano), harp, singing, reading, and painting. Her favorite color is red because it so well complements her skin and hair. 
Favorite food: Peaches.

Favorite drink: Ice cold water with a sprig of mint.
Favorite music: Minor-keyed kied and voice.
Favorite books: Fairy tales, though she has the greatest appreciation for history.

Favorite sport: Not into sports.
Favorite recreation: Horseback riding, ice skating, painting, or playing music.

Dislikes: Being under-appreciated, being uncomfortable around men, athletics (because she is not athletic).

Note: Her father sounds like a creepy person because he got married so many times, but he isn't really.


  1. I think I have a bit too much fun with character development... I have one character who is an absolute sweetheart, but when he was 9 his parents sold him off to pirates because they thought of him as a weakling and they didn't want him. He eventually escaped the pirates but he now practically worships my villain, because my villain saved him from life on the streets. But the thing is my villain doesn't really care for him. Man, I'm evil :P And he's not even my main character!

    1. Cool! Can I read your book when you're done? :) :) :)

    2. sure! Though, I kind of have to write it... and since I'm still in the outlining process, that might be awhile :P


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