Friday, May 17, 2013

Curly Girl: The Handbook

I’m a curly girl. Sort of. I guess I don’t exactly fit the description of a true curly girl, since I usually don’t follow the “rules” for my curls that are listed in Lorraine Massey’s Curly Girl: The Handbook. But I’ve wanted to read this for a few months.

Curly Girl is an easy read of about 185 pages. It describes the “curly girl” routine for the three main groups of curls: corkscrew, Botticelli, cherub, and corkicelli; waves and s’waves; and multi-“curl”-tural hair. It also covers guy curls, chemo and curls, and an abundance of stories about “curlies” who have “embraced” their hair.

The only thing I really liked about Curly Girl is the fact that it tells you how to take care of your curls so they look their best. It’s written from a secular standpoint, so take care when reading it. There is at least one time when she uses a bad word, and it’s very “open” and . . . worldly. I wish someone would come out with a Christian Curly Girl book, though is a Christian-based website with good tips for curly hair.

The Curly Girl method itself is a little weird. No brushes, no combs, no blow-“fryers”, no flat-irons, no curling irons, no terry-cloth towels, no shampoo. . . . I can understand why, though. It just seems a little extreme.

Any Curly Girls out there? What’s your story? Introduce yourself in the comments below! Tell me what type of curl you’ve got. (I’m a Botticelli.)


  1. My girlfriend did this for a while. She didn't know what to think of it, but she stopped eventually, if that says anything. ;) I am not really curly at all, nor do I really understand the types of curls though. When I was a little girl, I had ringlets all over my head. Now I have wave...but it is layered.



    1. Yeah, it's interesting all right :) We'll have to see.

  2. I am a curly hair girls, too! You can read my story here: .


    1. Wonderful! I'm going over to read it. I love reading "Curly Girl" stories!


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