Wednesday, May 15, 2013

{Do} Judge a Book By Its Cover {no. 5} // The Princess and the Sage by Anneliese Blakeney

Perry Elisabeth requested on my Requests page that I judge this book, The Princess and the Sage by Anneliese Blakeney, by its cover. Perry Elisabeth actually designed this cover.

  • Fonts attract me. They spell, or can spell, the personality of a book just as effectively as any symbols on the cover. This one is a shade careless, almost clumsy—it gives me the impression of a less-than-popular, less-than-graceful princess. In fact, this entire book cover reminds me of the storyline of The Salamander Spell by E.D. Baker, in which the princess Grassina rests in the shadow of her beautiful, supposedly magical sister Chartreuse.
  • There is a crown on this cover. It’s not a “formal” crown: it’s big and lumpy and the kind I’d expect to see in a child’s fairy tale. This is again reminding me of The Salamander Spell—the author appears to target a young audience.
  • Within the crown is a bottle of sage. As the title is The Princess and the Sage, the sage itself is obviously crucial to the storyline and thus the conflict. Maybe the sage has something to do with her quest for her crown?
  • Sage is identified with long life (even immortality), fertility, wisdom, and warding off evil. It seems very good as far as herbs go—but I don’t see its folklore connecting with what I feel from the cover. (sage information via Garden Guides)


  1. Very interesting! "Good going, Woody - I like your thinking." ;)


    1. Thanks, Rebecca :) Love the quote! I don't remember what comes after though. . . . Oh right! He doesn't say anything, does he? I think I need to watch Toy Story again.

  2. I just now saw this... thank you so much for taking the time to review this cover!
    I did want to point out that it's actually a jar of pickles. ;) (You'd can use the "look inside" button on Amazon to zoom in.)
    So fun to hear your thoughts!!

    1. Hahahahahahahhahah.................that is hilarious! Mistaking a jar of pickles for a jar of sage. Wow, am I good or what!?! Thanks, Perry!

    2. just went back and read this post and laughed hysterically at your mistaking a jar of pickles for sage..... still chuckling. :)

    3. I know. Very embarrassing. I can see that they're pickles now that I know they are, though :)


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