Sunday, June 2, 2013

{Do} Judge a Book By Its Cover {no. 6} // Back Before Dark by Tim Shoemaker

This is Book Number Five of Ten in the intimidatingly modern Zonderkidz stack. Hopefully I'll be able to start reading it sometime today or tomorrow, or at least sometime after I get this post out. I already know this to be a thriller, so we'll see how much else I can get out of the cover.

  • Well, the text is big and blocky, so if I hadn't already known it was a horror(ish) story, I should have (hopefully) been able to figure out that what's within is scary. 
  • There are three figures on top of a hill, with some building behind them. There appears to be a car coming up the road toward them.
  • The main part of the cover is black; the sun is rising behind.
  • The three figures are most likely a trio of investigators or good friends. Sometimes rescuing a friend from darkness means going in after them--I wonder if one of these three is the friend who needs rescuing.
  • The hill? I'm not quite sure about that point. Ideas?
  • The building could possibly be a base for the murderer and his/her cohorts.
  • The car could be representative of the bad guy or killer. And he's apparently going toward the trio. So is he after them? (He/she. Somehow in books the villains are never women. Has anyone else noticed this?)
  • The black cover is probably just another illustration of the blackness of the plot and the nastiness of the villain, whereas the sun rising may denote some beacon of hope.
Have any of you read Back Before Dark? I know it is part of a series, but unfortunately I don't have the rest of the novels in my keeping.


  1. I've never read it, but this was interesting and the cover is AWESOME. :)


    1. The cover is pretty interesting. I'm a chapter in so far :)

  2. Interesting, hannah. I will be very excited to see your thoughts on this book and if it is all that you were expecting. :)

    1. Well, so far it's about eighth-graders. Hmm. I'd rather it would be about someone closer to my age, but oh well ;)


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