Thursday, June 20, 2013

Top Ten Terrific Tales {no. 5}

rilla of ingleside. l.m. montgomery.
possibly the best of montgomery's books. bittersweet. powerful.
the blue castle. l.m. montgomery.
sweet romance of an overlooked young woman.
emma. jane austen.
the meddling rich girl who finds love where she doesn't expect it.
the hiding place. corrie ten boom.
one of the loveliest books, with the saddest yet happiest story, i've ever read.

the voyage of the dawn treader. c.s. lewis.
the third journey to narnia.
the silver chair. c.s. lewis.
prince rilian, caspian's son, was captured by the green serpent. eustace and jill have to find him....
the horse and his boy. c.s. lewis.
perhaps my favorite of the narnia books. shasta leaves his "father" to find narnia.
the magician's nephew. c.s. lewis.
my least favorite narnia book, but had to include it because of all the others....
the last battle. c.s. lewis.
the final installment in the renowned series.
julie. catherine marshall.
along the lines of christy, and almost as good. set in the great depression, in a town in pennsylvania.

well, i hadn't done one of these in a while and thought i ought to. last one was in what--may? may, i guess. may third, to be precise.

so, which ones do you like best on this list? oh, and by the way...unless there is some mad protesting, this is going to be the end of this series. and yes,  blogger is having issues again, which i'm sorry about.


  1. I AM HERE TO PROTEST!!!!!!!! Don't let it go:(


    1. Oh, okay! I'll keep it up then :) As long as I have good books to fill it with, that is. . . .

  2. Protesting! ;) You'll get sick of me soon. Haha!

    I now want to read Julie, and re-read Rilla of Ingleside. I read it, but don't remember liking it. I was only 12 or 13 though.


    1. Haha, I won't get sick of you. Julie is really great, and I loved Rilla of Ingleside, but I'm sure others have different opinions :)

  3. my favoritest here is Emma.... (I guess that could be because I haven't read any of the others except Julie. haha. Sad, i know.)

    But i enjoyed reading these, Hannah. I am ashamed to say that I don't remember reading any of the prior posts in the series. I'm gonna have to go back and find them!!

    1. Haha, it's perfectly fine if you haven't read any of them...I post so often no one would know!! :P You should DEFINITELY read The Hiding Place and The Blue Castle. They're both awesome.

  4. Ooooh! I adore Rilla of Ingleside, Emma, and the Chronicles of Narnia!

  5. C.S Lewis is a genius! Haven't read all of the 'Narnia' books yet (I was reading them in order of the movies) but the first three were EXCELLENT! :)

    1. I know, isn't he wonderful? I love the Narnia books!

      I read them in order of the movies too. Originally, that's how they were ordered--but then people started listing the series in chronological order instead of order of publication. I guess it doesn't really matter which way you read them, but I tend to be stuck in my ways and I definitely prefer the order of publication :)


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