Monday, July 1, 2013

Little Letters: Edition Two

Dear Google,
Sunflowers and Sunset
     So far you seem to have left our beloved Google Friend Connect! Thank you for being merciful--for now at least.

Dear July,
     I look forward to the adventures you have in store for me. A trip to Indiana, my sister's homecoming, and the other things in life. . . .
Dear Emergency!, 
     Make Roy DeSoto a real person, please. And yes, I do feel extremely odd for saying that in public.

Dear Motivation,
     Where have you been the last four months? I need you to come back!

Dear Offertory This Sunday,
     Please go well.

Dear Becca
     I miss you! 

Dear Computer,
     Why are you such a good time-waster?

Dear Reuel,
     You frighten me sometimes. But you've changed in the past year or so--well done! You're less callous and prideful and more anxious to be "a good man". I can't wait until your journey is done. (Just so we can embark on it again, of course!)  

 Dear Momentum,
     Please be the wonderful experience I need you to be.

Dear Self,
     Please stop being unable to sleep (till 2:30 in the morning). And unable to take naps, too.


  1. Maybe GFC swill stay(please, Google?)

    You watch Emergency? I like that show!


    1. *Hannah screams with delight* I'm not the only one who loves "Emergency"! My little sister got me hooked. . . . ;) She prefers Johnny, however.

  2. Lol. I prefer Johnny too, but I do like Roy. :-)

    1. Yeah, I think the general consensus is that Johnny's better :)

  3. Yay! Loved seeing this on my dashboard this afternoon, Hannah - as always, thanks for linking up. :)

    Ooo! I've thought about tying Emergency! but haven't. Right now, I am watching too many other classics. :)

    A BIG *high five* to Google for keeping GFC. So far. Hope it's still there tomorrow when I blog. :)

    1. You're welcome, Rissi! I love doing this!

      You should definitely, *definitely* try Emergency! Which other classics do you like? I really like Columbo, and Mary Tyler Moore is pretty good too. And Bonanza, of course :) Haha, I sound like I'm dating myself. I didn't realize there were that many young people who liked the old shows!

      By the way, how do you italicize words in your comments?

  4. Wow. Here I thought Emergency! had died among viewers except myself, and I find out it's still popular! Roy's nice, but Johnny is definitely my favorite (also if anyone is as big a Twilight Zone fan as I am, he's on the episode Class of '99. Very much recommend). Good luck on your offertory (piano?).

    1. Huh, I've never seen The Twilight Zone. Randolph Mantooth is a new character in that episode, though, I suppose?

      No one seems to like Roy as much as I do. Roy isn't as handsome as Johnny, but I find that his character intensifies his looks and makes him more appealing than Master Gage ;)

      Yes, the offertory is piano. Ugh. :P I don't want to at all.

      Its a hundred degrees here! Yikes!

  5. I ALSO CAN'T SLEEP UNTIL 2:30 IN THE MORNING, SOMETIMES LATER!!!!!!!!!!!! Also, I saw in the above comment that it's only 100 degrees where you live! (Yes, I said ONLY.) Because we're having a heat streak here in California- it's 110!


    1. That makes two of us! I wonder what our problem is?

      Oh my. I know, I shouldn't throw myself a pity-party, because down where you are it's so, SO hot! Is it humid as well, or is it pretty dry? How are you staying cool? (Seriously, especially at night, if you've got any ideas--I need them!)

  6. Haha! Love the Roy DeSoto one! We watched that show all the time when my twin sisters were 1 and 2 years old. (They're five now) Every night at 9 one RTV. Had to watch "Donny and Woy!" We ended up getting them toy ambulances and all. I know what you mean - and then Johnny is just too funny. ;) Glad another young person knows what that show is! ;)


    1. That is SO cute! I had to tell my little sister Amy about that and it delighted her.

      It's so good to know all y'all like that show!

  7. awww, i miss you to like crazy. i should totally call you soon, 'kay?

    and now i feel super stupid and dorky, but what is Emergency!? :) and should I watch it?

    Good luck on the offertory. I always hated those. I would go to bed the night before already dreading it, and then all Sunday morning I would be terribly nervous and irritable, and then usually botch up the song like crazy. Super glad I don't have to do them anymore!! :)

    I am super excited, 'cause it cooled down a little here in the Bay area!!!! It's been crazy hot and being from WA, I was melting and baking all at the same time. haha I shall never complain about the heat back home, until the next time! :)

    Wow, I just noticed your rating system on the side bar >>> and love it! I am thinking about doing something similar (but on a page, instead of the sidebar,) because I have a ton of books I would like to review... just not quite enough time right now... :) I think I'll just have to set aside some time this week and write up a couple reviews and schedule the posts. (and I am thinking out loud in a comment.)

    I shall stop rambling now. :) Have a fantastic day, m'dear, and also a lovely 4th of July. :)

    1. Oh yes, definitely! :)

      Oh, you are definitely not dorky for not knowing what "Emergency!" is. It's a show that started in the 1970s and ran for about five and a half seasons. Amy just adores it and she got me hooked :)

      Ugh, I don't want to play at all. But today after a few times practicing my song it seemed to be going pretty well, so I'm not too worried.

      Yay! I'm so happy it's cooled off. Today it's a lot cooler here too. We had about three days of upper nineties and on Sunday it got up to a hundred, but it hasn't been too uncomfortable.

      Oh cool! I'm happy about the rating system too. It makes book reviews so much easier to understand when people have a rating system, and Hayden's is the best one I've seen.

      Happy Fourth!


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