Sunday, August 18, 2013

How NOT to get a writing-induced headache, among other things.

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This weekend, participating in the Go Teen Writers Virtual Writing Retreat, I learned how not to to get a writing-induced headache.

You must drink as little water, and as much limeade+club soda, as possible. Doing so will surely increase your hydration and decrease your chance of a headache.

You must eat as much sugar and junk food as you can. Your brain will certainly be better fed through this.

You must eat as little of the balanced dinner your mother prepared as you can stomach. After all, if you followed the good advice in the second command, you won’t have much appetite for healthy food anyway.

In your writing breaks, you must either watch TV or get on your computer. You cannot do any physical activity. Not following this rule will make you much more liable to get a headache.

Yep, I did the Go Teen Writers Writing Retreat. I learned how to get a headache, become exhausted, deplete my writing stores, and drag myself through the drudgery of another day of spending at least four hours scribbling a pencil over the lines of my little black book. Here are my stats:

done !   | its over its done - frodo
A taste of how I feel. (source)
Weekend word count goal: 10,000
Friday's word count goal: 3,000 at least
Friday's word count: 3,030
Words to go: 6,970
Saturday's word count goal: 4,000 at least
Saturday's word count: 4,014
Total words written up to this point: 7,044
Words to go: 2,956
Sunday's word count goal: 2,956 at least
Sunday's word count: 2,966
Total words written: 10,010
Approximate time spent: 12 hours


  1. Wow, Hannah! Awesome job! So excited for you doing that - I bet it was hard and fun!


    1. Thank you, Rebecca! It was very hard and very rewarding :) Parts of it were fun. . . .


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