Friday, August 9, 2013

Little Letters: Edition Three

Loki ❤❤😍😍 also my fav name for a pet
{source} Loki from Thor.
Dear Tom Hiddleston,
I think you are one of the only actors I may ever like more than the splendid characters you play. . .even Loki and William Buxton!
Dear Once Upon a Time Season 2,
I can't wait to get you on DVD. . . .
Dear Once Upon a Time Season 3,
You better be good. One suggestion for you: Get back into Cinderella/Ashley's story. I don't even remember seeing her in Season 2.

Dear Lucy Snowe,
I think your story is worthy of film adaptation, but Life was cruel to you. I say no more, so I spoil nothing for your future readers. . . .

A Colorful Stack of Childrens Classics From The 50s.
Dear Reading List,
You just keep getting longer and longer. . .and scarier and scarier. Is it possible you could slow down any time soon?

Dear Splash,
Heal soon, dearie. I'm glad you're still looking happy. Sometimes I almost think you like getting injured because you get more attention that way.

Dear Internet,
I fully agree with Hallie Jo: you are such a death-trap.


  1. Oh dear, you're a Tom Hiddleston fan? One of my closest friends is a fan of his too...

    Lol, that's humorous how you say the reading stack is getting scarier.

    I've only watched a bit of "Once Upon A Time" Is is good(clean)?

    1. I think Tom Hiddleston has innumerable fans. . . . He has such a gifted way with words and such a mellow voice.

      Once Upon a Time has moments of being unclean. In Season 1 it's disappointing because there's an affair which is not looked on as bad by the two people doing it. . .you know, it's that "we love each other, so we should stay together" sort of thing. There's one scene I'd skip in Season 1, Episode 7, "The Heart is a Lonely Hunter." And there's some sexual references as well. In Season 2 it's sort of the same level, I'd guess, but minus the affair.

    2. The tears will certainly flow if he gets married- at least, tears from the ladies who did not win his heart.

      Okay, thanks for letting me know. :-) It's soooo hard to find clean things to watch.

    3. Yeah, definitely!

      Yeah, it is really hard. Do you ever watch the ABC comedy "The Middle"? That's pretty clean, I guess. It's not Christian by any means, but I'd say it's probably better than OUAT.

    4. No, I haven't. I do not watch many modern t.v. shows. Most of the shows I watch were filmed decades ago, lol. I like Fairy Tales, though, and Once Upon A Time looked interesting.

    5. I watch a lot of those old shows, too. My favorite is Emergency! from the '70's, but I like others like the Mary Tyler Moore Show, Columbo, and Bonanza. (And Little House on the Prairie, but I kind of got tired of that, particularly because of how little it emulates the book.)

  2. What fun! Enjoyed this, Hannah. :)

    Yay for S2 of 'Once.' I've yet to see S2 since I always wait for the DVD - hopefully my mom and I will get it just when dad leaves for his work trip and we can marathon it. ;) Seeing more of the Cinderella story would be grand.

    Ugh! Sometimes I think that "reading list" will win! Determined not to let it.

    Thanks for joining in.

    1. Season 2 is very good. . .you get to meet an awesome new character whom I loooooooooooove ;) I wish they'd have had some more of Cinderella, but they focused more on Rumpelstiltskin/Mr. Gold and Belle, Emma, Snow and Charming. . .yeah.


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