Sunday, October 6, 2013

The Classics Club #6: The Black Stallion and Satan

The Black Stallion and SatanRating: 7 out 0f 10

This review is going to be as brief as possible because I have no desire to write a lengthy review. Today I was going to write up a post of my week in general, but I was trying to fit that in during commercial breaks of Once Upon a Time on ABC and found I had no desire to write that post, either. (For OUAT fans: Season 3 is interesting. . .somehow, I don't find it quite up to par with the advents of Seasons 1 and 2, but that's just my opinion.)

The Black Stallion and Satan by Walter Farley introduces the clash between the mythical monster, Shetan, stallion who defeated Cyclone and Sun Raider that fateful day in Chicago, and Satan, hero of America, Triple Crown champion and believed by most to be faster than his ruthless sire. The plot seemed more intense than some of the previous installments in this series, and it certainly held my interest much better. Who wouldn't want to watch a race starring the two fastest horses on earth? (If you're a horse racing nut--or even if you're not, I suppose--you probably remember the 2009-2010 debate about Zenyatta and Rachel Alexandra and the prepared meeting in the Apple Blossom Handicap in Arkansas in April of 2010. Didn't happen and left us wondering. . .still. . .who really was greater.) But the race in which they'll meet, the International Cup, ends--well, I suppose it ends--well, not really--with a surprising twist, for which I applaud Farley because he could easily have turned away from that twist and ended the book in a very cliche form.
You might want to consider reading this one. After four of these books in the last month, I'm starting to get slightly sick of the style. . .and I still have thirteen more to go before I'm done with this series! Wish me luck. . . .


  1. Eeee! OUAT! I was watching it toooooo! It's like we're connected. (sorry, that was creepy) And yes, I agree, I'm not enjoying season three quite as much as I did seasons one and two. I miss storybrooke! (And Henry has grown annoying, so I don't even care if they save him or not... isn't that horrible?)

    Sounds like an interesting book... i should read it... well, maybe, after i finish the five other books I'm reading.

    1. Haha! That's not creepy at all. . .that's cool :)

      I actually don't mind Henry too much in this season. . .he was getting a little annoying in Season 2. . .but I reeeaaallly like Peter Pan :) And the total darkness of the place they're in (I'm not going to say it "aloud" because there are certain people. . .namely, my sister. . .who still haven't even finished Season 1 and don't know what Season 3 is about yet) is very bothersome. And didn't you think that the flashbacks to the Enchanted Forest in this latest episode--where Snow is "denying who she really is"--were really, really cheap? They didn't seem to flow very well with where the story is now; I thought the changes in scenery in the first episode were much better.

      Ugh--I'm sorry about your reading five books at the same time! That's rough. Unless you like it that way, that is :)


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