Monday, December 23, 2013


There are a number of exercises aspiring authors can do to increase their understanding of their book characters. And today, after looking at the “Twitter accounts” of the characters from the modern-day episodic adaptation of Jane Austen’s Emma called “Emma Approved,” I thought it would be fun, and worthwhile, to fake a Twitter conversation with a couple of my characters. Any “interaction” with characters is a good way to understand them better, I think.

@EladrielEnen After 400 years, it’s finally going to happen! #freetheslaves
@EltarEnen @EladrielEnen, be careful. Never know who might be listening.
@EladrielEnen Give a little. No one can stop us now.
@EltarEnen I repeat, never know who might be listening.
@VolumCastaway @EladrielEnen, @EltarEnen, or who might act after listening. #evillaugh
@EladrielEnen @VolumCastaway, stop it.
@VolumCastaway Stop what? It was a joke!
@EltarEnen @VolumCastaway, #notfunny #ihatehashtags

@GraeceMaster @EltarEnen, your gift is awaiting you.
@EltarEnen I didn’t put anything on my list.
@GraeceMaster Don’t we give gifts anyway? Spirit of Nulefete, good man.
@EltarEnen I accept no gift from you.
@GraeceMaster This gift begins with denial.

@EltarEnen @EladrielEnen, told you to keep your mouth shut.
@EladrielEnen What are you talking about?
@EltarEnen The slavemaster is plotting diabolically.
@EladrielEnen What?
@EltarEnen #ignoranceisbliss

@EladrielEnen @EltarEnen, ignorance is never bliss.
@EltarEnen It was in that instance or you would have spoiled it.
@EladrielEnen Thanks for telling me I’m useless except as bait.
@EltarEnen Be thankful for once instead of getting mad.
@EladrielEnen I. Am. Mad. #andhaveeveryrighttobe

This is so fun! Now it’s your turn. Want to carry on a miniature Twitter conversation between your book characters in the comments below?

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