Thursday, July 17, 2014

Beautiful People | Eladriel

1) What's her favorite food? (bonus: favorite flavor of chocolate!) Peaches! Though I can totally see her loving chocolate. Dark chocolate. White chocolate--ugh. Milk chocolate--too sweet.

2) What does she absolutely hate? Nagging, criticism, overbearing commando people.

3) What does she enjoy learning about? Music and history.

4) Who is the most influential person in her life? Her governess, Lady Troietta, who acted as a stand-in mother for the first ten years of her life.

5) What is her childhood fear? Snakes.

6) What is something she has always secretly dreamed of doing, but thought impossible? Standing up to the overbearing, overly-controlling, manipulative people in her life.

7) What is something she is impractically afraid of? Men.

8) Is she a night owl or a morning person? A morning person.

9) Does she say everything that pops up into her head, or does she leave a lot unsaid? She leaves most of her opinions unsaid, unless she's around people with whom she is very comfortable.

10) What are their nervous habits? When she feels insecure, she holds an insecure pose--i.e., holding her hands in front of her body, crossing her arms, basically trying to disappear.


  1. She sounds like an awesome character! That insecure posture, wow, you know her really well! (Which is awesome.) I leave a lot unsaid too, so I completely I understand her there. ;)
    Thanks for linking up with us!

    1. Thank you, Cait (for both the compliments and commenting :))! Haha, I actually didn't know some of the answers to these questions, so this linkup was a good character-building exercise for me! Actually, Pinterest has been a huge help to my knowing what postures mean what. It's interesting how different subjects you learn more about can have such a big effect on your other projects.

  2. Hello again! I'm not sure how I found you last time, but I do remember talking with you. Well, anyhow...

    Plain and simple, I like it! do you pronounce that, may I ask? Is she the MC? What's this book about?

    the writeress @ barefoot in the snow

    1. Hi, Jessy! You helped me out with the Beautiful People linkup over on Hayden's blog :) Thanks again for that!

      You pronounce it like this--E-LAD-REE-EL. Have you watched/read The Lord of the Rings? For some reason I was too lazy/couldn't think of a good name for her when I was starting out my book, so I used Galadriel's name as inspiration. I would have changed it but for the fact that she has too much of a personality now for me to change her name :P She's not the main character--I'd have done the MC, but I feel like I do him all the time, so I decided to try Eladriel instead. The book is a medieval apocalyptic (well, I'm trying to decide between normal and apocalyptic) novel called The Bridge Between Heaven and Hell. I don't disclose a lot of other information about it (I'm a bit paranoid about someone stealing my book idea if they saw it--silly I guess, but oh well), but if you'd like to read snippets of the first draft, you can click here.

    2. Oh, I remember! Don't mention it :)

      Oh, cool. Yes, but it was when I was like 8 and I don't remember them. The only one I've watched more recently is the first Hobbit. So I'll definitely be marathoning them eventually. I've been planning that for a while... for a few different books and movies, actually...

      I like that! It's funny how names get stuck like that. Oh, you do? I'll have to look in the archives for him, then!

      Hmm. That sounds awesome! Yes, I'm the same way, though I've ignored myself and posted a lot, anyway... but still only blurbs and linkups. And character posts, which are always fun.

      Why, yes I would love to read some snippets! Ooh, it's a label. It'll have to wait its turn, then, until I've finished responding to comments, reading all these other posts I've left up on my laptop, and reading another similar label on a different blog. See you there!

    3. Okay, great! I'll see you there too :) I hope you enjoy it/them!

    4. I'm sure I will! Thanks for the link!


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