Thursday, August 14, 2014

Beautiful People, August Edition | Alonya

I have an idea.

It is called: work this linkup--which is a brilliant idea, by the way--as though it's a character interview. Better for me and better for you. I believe that is called a win-win. . . .

What do you regret most in your life?
I regret nothing.
What is your happiest and most sorrowful memory?
My happiest moment? When I was told I was betrothed to the Archduke of Trebula. And my most sorrowful . . . I don't have one :)
What majorly gets on your nerves?
When Reuel doesn't pay attention to me, obviously.
Do you act differently when you're around people as opposed to being alone? If so, how?
I'm only ever alone when I'm asleep, so of course I'm no different. 
What are your beliefs and superstitions?
I've always been taught that superstition is nonsensical, and it is really. I don't believe in religion. Religion is for some people, but definitely not for me.
What are your catchphrases, or things you say frequently?
"Well, I think." Because for some reason no one ever thinks correctly around me. Although, who can blame them? :)
Would you be more prone to facing fears or running from them?
"Fears" never happen to me. I tend to somehow avoid them :)
Do you have a good self-image?
Obviously! I'm beautiful and talented and bewitching. What else could I want?
Do you turn to people when you're upset, or do you isolate yourself?
I'm never upset.
If you were standing right next to me, would it make me laugh or cry?
People are always stunned silent around me; you would neither laugh nor cry until, of course, I said something witty, or if I cut you down with an insult. But I never insult anybody, of course :)

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