Wednesday, November 12, 2014

The Prince & Me (2004)

The Prince and MeYep, I know I've been gone for upwards of forever. AKA, seventy-five days. I trust you'll cut me some slack though. Since then I've started my sophomore year in college and I've been trying to figure out where my life is headed after I (hopefully) receive my Associate of Arts transfer degree in June of 2015. (Can you believe it's going to be 2015 in . . . wait . . . forty-nine days? WHAAAAAAAAAAAT?) If you want more consistent updates of my life, you'd better head on over to my fashion and lifestyle blog, Dance A Real (yes, I do realize that “real” is spelled incorrectly for that phrase--it's a play on words).

Anyway, I thought I'd break the silence with a movie I saw for the first time last evening.

In The Prince & Me, Paige Morgan (Julia Stiles, The Makeover) is a college student bent on becoming a doctor--refusing to let any distractions get in her way. That's including her new chemistry lab partner, Eddie (Luke Mably), an incorrigible flirt who doesn't even know what turkey looks like, let alone how to do his own laundry. But, well . . . Eddie needs help learning how to work in the school kitchen (and how to do his laundry!) and Paige needs help deciphering Shakespeare. Then Paige caves in to her friend's ploy of luring her into asking Eddie home for Thanksgiving, and she finds herself falling in love unexpectedly. Once returned to school, journalists catch Eddie and Paige alone in the library, forcing Eddie to spill out the fact that he's actually the Crown Prince of Denmark.
This was a cute chick flick of a film, and Luke Mably as Eddie = awesome. I've never seen him in any other role, but his mannerisms and appearance are greatly reminiscent of J.J. Feild, one of my favorite British actors. And while I have no complaints about the level of acting talent in the show, Julia Stiles has to be one of my least favorite actresses ever. I saw her in Hallmark's The Makeover a couple months ago as Hannah (the contemporary female version of Henry Higgins), and she played a very similar character--cold, focused, and dubious about any romantic entanglements. Hence it's hard for me to see her as anyone else. Though maybe this was the fault of the screenwriters in crafting a remarkably flat character.

Also, despite its “cute” factor, the screenwriting was disjointed. I won't give away any spoilers here, but if you've seen it, then you should know what I'm talking about. (A girl can only leave a guy so many times . . . that's all I'll say.)

I've heard that The Prince & Me 2 is actually the better of the two movies, which is a rarity--but I'm eager to try that one out regardless. What are my readers' thoughts about this one?

{For your discretion, this movie is rated PG. There are multiple kissing scenes, references to a girl having slept with a man twenty years older, other sexual references, as well as one suggestive scene in which two characters are kissing and the girl takes the guy's shirt off, though after that point nothing happens.}


  1. I LOVE this movie and do tend to like this one better than its sequels. Sorry it didn't work as well for you. :) The second and third movie aren't as good mainly because Julia isn't back in the sequel and the third has neither one of its original stars although they're still cute fairytales. Sure hope you enjoy them, Hannah! Good luck with that degree also. :)

    1. After having seen the second one, I DO like this one much better, Rissi! I watched the first 17 minutes of the third one as well, but after that the video stopped working, and I didn't feel very bad about quitting it. :)

      Thanks for stopping by!


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