Friday, March 13, 2015

Little Letters, Edition Five

Phew...been a while since I've done one of these -- as in, eighteen months!? What!? Okay. Yeah. Better get going....

Dear Hallmark,
I've loved you for your adorable -- albeit cheesy -- romance storylines and I will continue to. But I had no idea you had it in you to make something as great as Good Witch! I'm pumped I decided to watch the first couple episodes last night ... they were so worth it.
Dear Agents of SHIELD,
Boy, you started off the year with a bang, didn't you?
P.S. Fitz is still the most adorable person on the show.
P.P.S. Please give him more screen time.
P.P.P.S. Please make him a pet so I can get one. Or four.

Dear Once Upon a Time,
I enjoyed your midseason premiere way more than I expected to, and for that I'm pleased. Really, really pleased. Hook and Emma, you're killing me with your adorable-ness. Mr. Gold, you're driving me nuts with your power complex. Cruella, I cannot imagine a more perfect live-action adaptation of you.

Agent Leo Fitz (Iain De Caestecker) 'Agents of SHIELD'Dear The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes,
I need to pick you back up again. It's been too long.
Dear Measly Reading Goal of 2015,
I can't believe I'm technically a book behind my twenty-nine books goal for this year! How is that even possible?

Dear Blog,
We're getting there. A few more tweaks and some major upheaval and you'll be ready for regular posting again.

Dear OGX Cherry Ginseng Shampoo,
I still won't admit that a chemical-laden shampoo has been better for my hair than my all-natural alternative. Sorry.

Dear Spring Break,
Make yourself seem longer than you are, 'kay? And not because you're boring or otherwise bad.

Dear Math 112,
Don't kill me.

Dear 107.3 KFFM,
Please play more than two clean songs in succession so I don't have to change to my CD-which-I've-listened-to-100-times every five minutes.

Dear Twenty One Pilots,
For the first time in about seven months I got to listen to your more recent music (yay Pandora!). Come out with a new CD, please! I want moooooorrrrrrreeeeeeeee. . . .

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  1. This --> P.S. Fitz is still the most adorable person on the show. SO much truth! I'm still on S1 of this show, but am loving it. And Fitz... aw.

    Math: I feel ya. I detest it. ;)

    Great letters, Hannah! Really enjoyed your post. :)

    1. I know right!? I have serious Fitzophrenia, as they say ;)

      I like the challenge of math . . . but I hate my fear of failing, which is what makes me hate math. Hmm. I seriously need to review how to use a graphing calculator at the least -- I haven't taken math in over a year!

      I loved writing it! Thanks for hosting these :)


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