Monday, February 18, 2013


Style by Lauren Conrad by Lauren Conrad
   Do you know how awesome it is to be getting into fashion, but then how horrid it is to discover that you are kind of . . . naturally unfashionable? It's a little discouraging to open a book such as Style by Lauren Conrad and see all these photos of beautiful Lauren in mainly gorgeous outfits, with flawless makeup and hair.
   So that was kind of a negative introduction. Forgive me. I will repair it later. Style covers eleven chapters on the following: building your wardrobe; jeans and T-shirts; a how-to guide on shopping; how to master your closet; about accessories; getting dressed; makeup; hair; work and school outfits; a guide about traveling; and lastly, how to dress for events and parties. The book is easy to read and has some very helpful information, capitalized by the carefree spirit of Miss Conrad, who is flexible with "fashion rules". It also covers some areas which What I Wore by Jessica Quirk doesn't (Beauty, and the universally loved Jeans-And-A-T-Shirt).
   However, it does have its downsides. One of the top ones for Christian girls seeking to dress modestly is that it is written from a secular standpoint--and it does have some rather revealing photos. It being quick to read is not always good . . . I got pretty bored heading through the second section on Beauty. It was getting just a little too long for me there in the middle, but I got more into it toward the end.
   Referring to my opening sentences, there are great sections on how to dress for your body type (but please take it with a few grains of salt when striving to dress modestly), plus exactly why celebrities always look perfect in pictures (this is very encouraging!). And throwing aside the secular opinions, you should glean some useful tips for your wardrobe.
   That being said, I would recommend this to an audience preferably older than thirteen--maybe not until fifteen--partially because the only aspect of fashion they should be concerned about prior to that is modesty, and partially because they may be more easily influenced. And keep in mind that it could get a little boring. As that could be the case, I suggest trying it from your local library before spending your money on it.

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