Wednesday, February 13, 2013

What I Wore

by Jessica Quirk
   Twenty Twelve found me suddenly discovering that Fashion is fabulous. I've gotten so into the groove of "dressing up" for the social part of my life that getting into something sloppy actually seems like a bad idea. Or at least not the best. So you can imagine, right, that it was an extremely informative experience to read What I Wore by Jessica Quirk?
   She's inspirational just from her blogging statistics, with over a million pageviews monthly. Her book, published in 2011, is centered around four seasons (spring, summer, fall, winter), one closet (that would be yours), and "endless recipes for personal style" (yay!). Its concepts are very helpful, especially because the book is short and easy to read (I read it in two days and probably less than two hours). Naturally, as I doubt Mrs. Quirk is a Christian, she gives a cultural view of modesty--revealing tops and miniskirts are perfectly all right if displayed in the proper setting. As long as you throw those ideas out the window, the rest of the info should be perfect for you and your wardrobe.
   My favorite part about the entire book are the suggestions on what type of clothing should be in your closet in which season. For example, a few of the basics in summertime are as follows: White layering tank/camisole, dark summer-weight trousers, and a dark summer dress. Some add-ons for summer are solid or printed tanks, solid blouses (in secondary colors--which you'll learn all about in the book), and a romper. Shoes for this season include wedges, flat sandals, and clogs. There are many excellent tips scattered throughout, plus outfit samples and "clothing challenges". (Think: What on earth do I wear for a summer wedding or a Valentine's Day date? As a warning, though, when pursuing modesty, don't take the "Valentine's Day date" section literally.)
   I fully recommend this book to an audience of teenagers (and especially high schoolers) and above, since younger girls don't need to be as concerned with their outfits. My only caution is that the book is secular, so it will naturally be portrayed quite modernly. Modesty is very important, and you can look cute while maintaining it! Bramblewood Fashion is one of my favorite websites ever, with loads of information for Christian ladies.
   Have fun restyling your wardrobe--and yourself!


  1. Cool!! When I'm at home, I don't really care, but sometimes when I places it's just like "yeek, did I really put this on this morning?!" =P

    1. Yeah :) I like to be casual at home too, since it helps me relax. But going places, dressing up is fun!


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