Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Season of Change

Title: Season of Change Author: Lisa Williams Kline Publisher: Zonderkidz Copyright Date: 2013
Stephanie and Diana are daughters of two different divorces. Norm, Stephanie’s father, and Lynn, Diana’s mother, married, but now, with their apparent marriage problems, decide to go to a weekend retreat for marriage counseling. They don’t think Stephanie and Diana know, but having overheard the conversation, the girls are now apprehensive about yet another separation. It seems that just when the pair started to get close, they will be broken apart.

This book is definite “juvenile fiction”. It’s filled with the typical high school nonsense of today—crushes and kisses at fifteen or sixteen—and also with a very immature drama, radiating especially from Diana. Both girls are shallow, the plot is mild, and the morality isn’t very good in my opinion, because of the objectionable kisses between this boy and that girl and that other boy and this other girl whom we don’t even know.

three stars. Ugh...due to personal convictions and/or utter boringness, I barely got through it.
I actually didn't finish this, but gave it a rating of three because of personal opinion and the fact that I would rather easily have gotten through it if I just kept going. But I felt icky for reading it and didn't think I should, so. . . .


  1. I totally have that same reaction whenever I seem to go into the young adult section at the library: "Ugh". I flip through a book, thinking, "Oh, this looks interesting," and then, "they kissed," caught my eye and I slap it shut, in my head screaming, "AND I ALMOST CHECKED IT OUT!!" =P

    1. Hahaha! That's funny :) Good for you!

  2. Sounds like a mediocre book at best. Not likely to be one I'll pick up.

    Thanks for the review, Hannah! :)

  3. Not my style book. ;) Good review.



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