Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Wonderfully Made

Title: Wonderfully Made
Author: Joyce Meyer
Illustrations: Mary Sullivan
Publisher: Zondervan
Copyright Date: 2013

Little kids’ books have something that juvenile fiction and other contemporary fiction often miss. Life lessons—in the simplest form possible. It’s so refreshing after reading a book that doesn’t have these details.

In Wonderfully Made by Joyce Meyer, Hayley, the little hippo, wants to be in the Everyday Zoo Talent Show, but she just can’t find something she’s good at. Why can’t she do things like her friends? She soon discovers, however, that God endowed everyone with a different talent.

The lesson wasn’t perfectly executed, mostly because I felt that pacing—or something like that—was in error some of the time, but I’m not a very good judge of children’s books. But the lesson itself was wonderful, and the book is sure to captivate your nieces, nephews, small siblings, or just preschooler friends.

nine stars.


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