Monday, December 29, 2014

Drafting Process // Vol. III

It strikes me that I am posting this for my benefit, not for yours. The idea with this third volume is to go in baby steps and force myself to stick to them.

1) Make a VERY UNDETAILED list about the plot and story order. I keep getting into too much detail which is making me go crazy.

2) Determine the major characters: hero, villain, alternative POV.

3) Determine the supporting characters: who surrounds the hero, who surrounds the villain, who surrounds the alternative POV.

4) Use exercises to help develop and figure out the major characters. I find that I have a good idea of a character's personality but often don't know why they are the way they are. I want to use five exercises for these peeps: 1) Love language, 2) Meyers Briggs personality type, 3) Diary written by them, 4) Character interview, 5) Character form.

5) Use exercises to help develop and figure out the supporting cast. I only plan to use a couple of the above exercises for these peeps--1) Love language, 2) Meyers Briggs personality type, 3) Character form.

1) Fill in the plot and story order. THIS is what's driving me crazy, but the fact that I've done a lot of it already should help me. Why is it driving me crazy, you ask? Because I have five different documents open at the same time--one for the filled in plot & story order, one for glaring plot holes, one for glaring detail holes, one for cultural problems/research need, and one for extra plot ideas. I think I'm just going to have to take this part really slowly and celebrate every victory! haha.

2) The 2-3 page synopsis. Where I get to cut my large mouth down into a certain amount of words. Not so fun.

3) The 1-page synopsis. Too much concision for me. I'll probably not have fun doing this part either.

4) The 1-paragraph synopsis.

5) The pitch.

1) Outline the first chapter, then each succeeding chapter as it comes. 


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