Tuesday, March 31, 2015

10 TBRs I Recently Added to My List

Hot Body Year Round

by Cassey Ho

It feels weird to have this at the top of my list! haha. Cassey Ho is the founder of the immensely popular Blogilates YouTube channel. I've done some of her workouts, and even her short ones are like death pretty much. Well not really, since I'm still alive. But ya know. . . . I also disagree with some of her eating habits, but she does what works for her, which is only what anybody should be doing.

the start of me and you emery lord book review | www.readbreatherelax.comThe Start of Me and You

by Emery Lord

Rissi introduced me to this book through her review. It's not often I read contemporary fiction . . . well, let's be honest, it's hard to find me reading anything these days . . . but this is one with which I'd like to sit down. 

Odysseus in America: Combat Trauma and the Trials of Homecoming by Jonathan Shay. $10.88. Publisher: Scribner; Reprint edition (November 4, 2003). Author: Jonathan ShayOdysseus in America

by Jonathan Shay

The Odyssey was one of the myths we studied in my ENG 250 - Introduction to Folklore and Mythology course last quarter. I was fascinated by both of Homer's myths (especially the Iliad) and the idea of Odysseus having major PTSD after a ten-year siege on Troy. PTSD is also a topic I may explore in my WIP, so knowing more about it will be awesome.

Achilles in Vietnam: Combat Trauma and the Undoing of Character by Jonathan Shay, http://www.amazon.com/dp/0684813211/ref=cm_sw_r_pi_dp_chWOqb1KY5XSFAchilles in Vietnam

by Jonathan Shay

This is along the same lines as Odysseus in America, but I don't think it talks as much about PTSD -- from the sound of it it looks like it'll focus more on soldiers' trauma when they're actually in the process of serving.

Wendy Darling

by Colleen Oakes

The Boy Most Likely To - Huntley Fitzpatrick, https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/18392495-the-boy-most-likely-to?ref=ru_lihp_up_rv_5_mclk-up2208406896I've never read any Peter Pan . . . but I'm a sucker for any fantasy/fairy tale/good myth so this retelling should be fun.

The Boy Most Likely To

by Huntley Fitzpatrick

DaVinci's Tiger - Laura Malone Elliott, https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/24951755-da-vinci-s-tiger?ac=1Da Vinci's Tiger

by Laura Malone Elliott

I love Renaissance fiction -- in fact one of my favorite recently-written novels is Donna Jo Napoli's The Smile. You should check that one out if you have the time or if you enjoy the Renaissance era. It's not perfectly clean, but it's better than the Divergent trilogy, that's for sure.

Tangled Webs

by Lee Bross

A Million Miles Away

by Lara Avery

The Vow

by Jody Hedlund

Well . . . that's a wrap for this Top Ten Tuesday. What are a few books you've recently added to your TBR stack? Started reading any of them yet? ;)


  1. "Wendy Darling" sounds interesting, and "The Vow" is getting such praise that I would like to at least try it. I wasn't very fond of the only Jody Hedlund book I've read, but maybe this one will be more to my liking (hopefully).
    I've added quite a few books this year to my TBR. "Red Queen" by Victoria Aveyard is one- I keep seeing that it has a awesome plot twist, so I'm curious. Two of my favorite authors, Julie Klassen and Elizabeth Camden, have new books coming out that I also added, but they don't release until late this year. So many books... :-D

    1. I don't know why but I'm suspicious of Jody Hedlund for some reason -- I think because her name is old-fashioned and reminds me of Karen Kingsbury, Lori Wick, and Colleen Coble, whose books range from average/good (Colleen Coble) to a downright waste of time (Lori Wick). That's extremely unfair of me though. I have heard good things about her stuff too, so we'll see.

      Yay! It's always fun to add new things to our TBRs -- even though it seems like they never get read sometimes :P

      Thanks for commenting, Grace!

  2. YAY for The Start of Me and You. That one is so sweet. I really enjoyed it and am already anticipating whatever Emery writes next. Oh, and The Vow. It's quite charming, so I hope you enjoy. :)


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